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Easter Tablescaping

Tablescaping…the new word on the block for everything to do with designing the central piece of furniture in the home.  Since lockdown, the humble table has become the nerve centre of our family.  It’s where our day begins – be it with a matcha latte or a wholesome bowl of granola. It´s where we write our goals and lists, where our children colour, study or play games at and its where our family gets together to chatter, eat and be merry.

This Easter weekend will hopefully be similar to last years and we will get
together outdoors
to enjoy the Mallorcan sun, with a table groaning full of delicious offerings.  To ensure that your table creates that wow factor, get creative and think about ways you can personalise it and what you can use from around the home and nature around us.

Here are my tips for designing your own instagram worthy table setting this Easter holiday:

A Tablecloth: we are often averse to using them – another item to wash, will it get stained,  do I have one that fits the table? But it really doesn’t need to be anything fancy –  you could use an old sheet and dig out the children´s paint pots and splatter bright yellow splashes all over, a really simple yet effective way to create a fabulous background canvas to start creating your tablescape from.

The Napkins: a favourite of the Easter table, who doesn’t love a cute bunny? Check out this demo by Martha Stewart on how to create bunny napkins – this is a fun one for the kids to do as well. 

The Plates: it´s springtime and our hedge rows are full of grasses. Cut a few days before, hang and dry in sun, tie together with a piece of colourful ribbon along with dried or fresh flowers and lay on your plate as a decoration. A favourite for this time of year is Mimosa which is beautiful either dried of fresh. Pick off it´s leaves to accentuate the vibrancy of those fabulous puffs of supreme yellow, hang up to dry and add to dried grasses. 

The Eggs: apart from the obvious chocolate eggs think of using Quails eggs.  They have the most beautiful natural patterns and are ideal to dot around your table as a decoration.  If you want to dye them, try using natural ingredients like blueberries and beets to create the colour.  Simply combine blueberries and water and bring to the boil, once boiling simmer for 10 mins and strain the liquid off and add a dash of vinegar. Once cooled, add your eggs to soak up the colour! You could also use 10-15 drops of food colouring with a tablespoon of vinegar to boiling water if you want a wider range of colours.

The Flowers: ´The most beautiful flowers are the ones that we pick ourselves’.  Spring is such a generous, hopeful time of year.  Bulbs are in full bloom, the trees are blossoming and flowers are ready for admiring and snipping.  If you don’t have home grown flowers buy from your local florist or village market.  Ask which of their flowers are locally grown and choose wisely, think of where your flower is coming from.  Fresia´s and Ranunculus are in abundance at this time of year and perfect for an Easter table especially with their delicate shades of pink, yellow, violet and white. 

The Vases: floristry has moved on and caught up with the sustainability movement and the floral foam of old (often known as Oasis) is a thing of the past. Experiment using varying small vessels and snip the flower stems at varying heights to add depth to your decoration. Have a hunt around your house for lots of small bud vases, any small vessel will do – tarnished silver christening mugs are perfect, floral grandmothers tea cups, a pretty pen pot and glasses of varying heights will look beautiful.  Sporadically place them around the dining table, they don’t need to be in a neat row.  Don’t be afraid of mixing colours, let those creative juices and hues flow!

Written by Lara van Rhede @laravanrhede


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