Collective Change

Most of us are dealing with further restrictions in our lives and exercise has become a real saviour.  It´s so important that we grasp whatever time we have to get outside and get moving.  However, the restrictions can also make us feel de-motivated and lacking in our sense of self worth but we know that exercise is great to shake our mood, lift us out of a funk and pump some feel good endorphins around our body. 

I have always loved sport, as a competitive state runner in Australia, through to competing nationally and internationally in the snowboarding world many moons ago, sport has made me who I am today and nowadays I still love a good workout. Although my choice of exercise may have changed – my love for movement, sweat and everything it does for me personally, mentally and physically has not changed. These days you will find me loving on yoga, barre, swimming and stealing my husbands road bike – its my latest love.

Like so many of us getting motivated can be a key factor so use your essential oils – they are great tool to help you train better, perform better and recover quicker.

Some key oils that I love:

  • Peppermint: a powerhouse for opening our airways, increasing our oxygen levels therefore increasing our performance. Great for pre-nerve jitters if you are competing as well; massage across the stomach or a drop or to help get the bowels moving before training.  Peppermint is also great for concentration, so for a sport that requires precision, focus and clear thinking deep inhalations of peppermint will serve you well.  Think about putting a few decent drops on your t-shirt or tank top. Also, if you are riding long distance adding a few drops to a date an amazing pick me up for endurance and helps to open your airways.
  • Breathe/ Easy Air:  If you are exercising at home diffuse this respiratory blend to help open your airways. It’s also a useful to have oil when seasonal threats like hay-fever may hinder your outdoor activities. This blend cleanses the air and allows for you to breathe deeply,  I love to add this oil to my t-shirt if I haven’t used peppermint and I diffuse it during yoga – especially if it is a high intensity class like Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow.
  • Onguard: When you start working out/training our immune system is kicked up a gear.  Sometimes it can be compromised by intense training or when the body is trying to recover. Using Onguard as a protective element will help you recover quicker. Diffusing is a great simple way but also applying it topically (diluted) directly to your chest or muscles or if you can down your spine will allow the body to feel supported in its immune function and during the recovery period.  If you are still fortunate enough to be able to train in community spaces or studios then Onguard is ideal as its anti-bacterial and antiseptic – using this oil as hand spray, yoga mat cleaner or even just as a general tool to keep you hygienically safe! Onguard is a winner all around. I truly believe all gyms, studios will be diffusing this oil in the future. Be sure to suggest it at your local!
  • Frankincense:  The powerhouse of oils…. incredible for reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain. SO this oil can be used pre and post work on targeted areas whether it be muscular, skeletal or respiratory support through to aiding with concentration and clear positive thinking. One of my favourite ways to use Frankincense is to apply it topically post workout with a carrier oil.
  • Deep Blue:  If you are serious about keeping fit and retaining that form of movement on a regular basis incorporating Deep Blue is a must.  Effective pre and post training and has the ability to provide long lasting relief from aches and pains. It has been specially formulated for muscular and skeletal aid and is proven to be anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and has pain recovering properties. I love to take this oil and focus on certain areas (ankles, knees) perhaps areas that have suffered in the past from over use and help to further support these areas that are sometimes compromised. It also comes in a rub which is great to have on the go or keep in your gym locker.
  • Lavender: An essential oil that is the most versatile of all. Commonly known to aid with sleep, relaxation and stress relief. Rest recovery is critical for the body to bounce back – if we are not sleeping well our body is not in recovery mode. Be sure to use this oil – either in the bath with some Epsom salts or with Frankincense as a post workout massage blend. Diffusing in the evening will also be hugely effective to aid with sleep.
  • Tea tree: Not a common oil we think of when it comes to sport but a very effective anti viral essential oil that definitely comes in handy. Anything from fungal through to antiviral, saddle sore (bike), Chaffing or slight skin irritations this oil is a little Swiss army knife to combat discomforts. Also a great bug repellent if you are facing critter invasion during a workout!

Remember these oils offer a solution to a varied array of situations when working out. Using Doterra essential oils is an incredible choice as they leave no strain on the body, creating positive effects on our mind, as well as the physical body making them an excellent choice to get physical. No harmful chemicals that can inhibit our respiratory system, or weaken our immune health only increasing our physical performance!

So get out there use your oils! Perform like a superstar and recover quicker!

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Written by Anna