Collective Change

Consider this your one stop library of inspiration where we will share some of our favourite products that have helped us on our journey to living sustainably and consciously. Whether it be books, homeware, amazing chemical free alternatives to everyday items, podcasts or gadgets,  each item has helped us stay committed to our values.


Air Doctor Pro

Indoor air can be 100x more polluted than outside air. In this stay-at-home new normal, the Air Doctor Pro has made a huge difference in the air quality of our home.

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Almond Cow

An absolute life changer for anyone who drinks seed or nut milks. 

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Liforme Yoga Mats

These non-slip, eco-friendly and biodegradable mats are a must for your yoga practice.

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Good Book Recommendations

Two insightful and brilliantly written books on beauty and simple living.

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