Collective Change

We have created this gift guide for you as a resource to tap into for all those times that you need some gift inspiration. Throughout 2021 we will be adding to this list every time we come across something in line with our values and awesome!

Flow Hive

Ever wanted your own beehive but felt a bit daunted by the prospect? This hive from Flow Honey is the answer.  Its revolutionary tap system allows you to harvest the honey without opening the hive (and causing less disturbance to the bees) making bee keeping as simple as it could be.  The bees enter the hive from the front and you harvest the honey from the filter system at the back. Made from wood it’s beautifully designed and surprisingly compact, a great invention for beekeeper, planet and bees alike. 

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Gua Sha

All the rage right now and for good reason, these curved stones work massage and circulation wonders for your skin, shifting puffiness and eliminating toxins. 

Usually made from jade or rose quartz they are an essential addition to your skin care regime, use with a face serum for maximum benefit. 

We love to use DoTerra´s Verage serum loaded with skin nourishing essential oils.

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Homeware Favourites

One of our favourite online sites for stunning homewares is  Working with artisans around the world with a real emphasis on traditional skills and natural materials they have gorgeous range of products from furniture to candle sticks. 

Another favourite is Natasha from Norway. If you’re looking for some ´hygge´ for your home then check out her distinctive collection of sustainable style items, accessories and hand-crafted products. The hand-woven Peruvian cushion covers and Luks linen blankets are definitely on our wish list.

Please visit:

BLUblox Glasses

No matter what screen you spend the most time looking at – whether it be your phone, computer or TV they all give off artificial blue light which can lead to digital eyestrain, headaches and the potential deterioration to your eyesight.  BLUblox have created lenses specifically designed to filter down blue light, helping your eyes cope. A true mix of health and fashion they come in a range of styles (prescription lenses possible as well) for adults and kids. 

Grab yourself a pair at:

Mulberry Silk Pillows

Made from grade 6A Mulberry silk (the diamond standard when it comes to silk) these pillows are truly luxurious but also practical – not only are they hypoallergenic, they are beneficial for your skin (silk absorbs less moisture than cotton) and you can also wave bed head hair goodbye as silk is frictionless.  Teamed with a homemade pillow spray made from essential oils, this makes a perfect gift. 

Find your bliss at:

AromaTouch Diffuser Kit

One of our favourite introductory essential oil kits AromaTouch comes with eight 5ml bottles of essential oils, a bottle of fractionated coconut oil so you can dilute your oils for topical use and the Petal diffuser so you can get the oils working their wonders aromatically. The kit includes some of DoTerra’s best-selling oils such as lavender, wild orange and the amazing immunity blend (that also happens to smell like Christmas), On Guard.

Please visit my DoTerra page or contact us to find out how to order yours. 

Ride Parietti Cycling Apparel

Parietti have re-engineered high quality cycling apparel and produced jerseys made from 100% recycled fibres derived from discarded plastic bottles. Not only is the range eco-friendly, its stylish too with a cool ikat pattern. Every part of their production has been given careful consideration right down to the delivery – your new jersey will arrive on your doorstep in fully bio-degradable packaging. 

To pick your strip visit:

Beech Marble Track

Everything you need to build a fantastic large marble track. The set consists of 42 beech wood pieces, plus 6 glass marbles and a bell. It comes with a small booklet to get you going which offers creative ideas of what you can build. An ideal present for children ages 4 to 10 years old.  

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Written by Clare and Natasha.

For more information on any of these products please use the contact page to get in touch.